Since the age of 4 Stephanie has been acting and entertaining the masses. From church plays and school musicals Stephanie knew there was something more in the acting world for her. So once she stopped pretending to be shy and actually embraced her love for theater she studied Shakespeare in the Bowling Grreen State University Gifted Program which catapulted her passion and understanding. From there Stephanie eventually moved to New York where she further developed her skills as an actress acting in Off Broadway productions and working with theater companies such as The Afrikan Women's Repertory and Family LifeTheatre.


When Stephanie was 6 years old her parents began pastoring a new church. Her mother, who's a phenomenal vocalist, began to build the music ministry of the church. With several outstanding choirs formed, the church had an incredible music ministry but no musicians. So one rehearsal, while watching her mother keep the timing and beat by tapping her foot and directing the choir, Stephanie sat down on the drum set, took two sticks from the paper church fan and began to play the drums.Since that time Stephanie has used her access to the church instruments to her advantage and has learned to play the drums, piano, saxophone, and guitar as well. Stephanie has sang background for R&B artist Anthony Hamilton and has played the drums for various bands. 

As an Actress, Musican, and Motivational Speaker Stephanie is always thinking, analyzing, and creating from the spaces of her world that seem so expansive and immeasureable. So Stephanie gathered those thoughts and compiled them into this inspirational book. Unfulfilled Purpose: Breaking Through to my Calling and Destiny is really a piece of hope and encouragement that tells the stories of triumph and the journey of a young woman finding her reason for existing.

As a creative, Stephanie hopes to be another fixture in the entertainment industry that gives an honest and transparent representation of stories that are relevant, and can incite positive change within her community. Through her love of visual storytelling, Stephanie enjoys seeing a project come together from inception to conception; down to watching the final touches of an edit to distribution and audience reactions. "When I grow up, I want to tell incredibly beautiful stories, as a writer, director, producer, artist, distributor (not necessarily in that order) and watch the world react and adjust to the emotions they felt through them."




Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Stephanie McBee embodies the Midwest charm and compassion while exuding the relentless drive and pursuit to live life in her own lane, her own style, and her own way. Stephanie is simply the embodiment of infinite possibilieis; Actress, avid drummer, writer, filmmaker, and so much more. Anything she sets her mind to, she has never failed to accomplish.